Monday, November 23, 2015

County Council Meeting TONIGHT!!!

Hello, everyone!

The County Council Officers and I would like to invite each of you to our November County Council Meeting.  We had a fantastic turn-out last month and we would love to keep that trend going!  
Tonight we will get to learn about fun upcoming activities, play some fun games, and listen to a program about being a Fun Leader!  Sounds like a lot of Fun, right? :)
The fun begins at 6:30 tonight at the Downtown Extension Building.  All 4-H members are invited to attend!  
Afterwards we will have snacks and committee meetings, plus the ALA meeting, so be sure to stick around!

I hope to see lots of faces - new and old - there! :D

Amanda Roach
Tarrant County 4-H 2015-16 President

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

4-H Fun!

Who says business meetings have to be 'boring'?  Voyage 4-H club is really pledging their Health to a Better Living at their club meeting each month!  Between playing 'Hula Hoop Twist' as an icebreaker, making homemade jump ropes (And having a competition at their meeting!), and playing 4-Square in the parking lot after the meeting, these 4-Her's really know how to have fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Support 4-H at BootBarn!

     Two new BootBarn stores are opening in Tarrant County on Thursday, November 5. ( There will be one in the Alliance area and one in the Arlington area. )
     The great news is that they are willing to make a donation to Tarrant County 4-H when the purchaser presents one of the attached flyers.
     If we have some youth who would like to set up a booth and distribute flyers to customers, that would increase sales (and the resulting donation). So, if you are interested, let Ms. Cindy know and we will provide the display items for you.
     Other ways that you can help would include sending the flyer and information to people you know…… And, of course, take the flyer with you if you plan to shop at BootBarn on November 5.