Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Voyage 4-H is 'Making' More than 'The Best Better'!

Voyage 4-Her's have been hard at work!  Club members have had so much fun with the Home Depot workshops in which they have been participating. They have been making different things such as a decorative shelf, a wooden pumpkin basket, a mosaic mirror, and a hanging wooden stocking.  Club members have also won door prizes and gotten to take some projects home.  Great job, guys!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

County Council Meeting TONIGHT!!!

Hello, everyone!

The County Council Officers and I would like to invite each of you to our November County Council Meeting.  We had a fantastic turn-out last month and we would love to keep that trend going!  
Tonight we will get to learn about fun upcoming activities, play some fun games, and listen to a program about being a Fun Leader!  Sounds like a lot of Fun, right? :)
The fun begins at 6:30 tonight at the Downtown Extension Building.  All 4-H members are invited to attend!  
Afterwards we will have snacks and committee meetings, plus the ALA meeting, so be sure to stick around!

I hope to see lots of faces - new and old - there! :D

Amanda Roach
Tarrant County 4-H 2015-16 President

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

4-H Fun!

Who says business meetings have to be 'boring'?  Voyage 4-H club is really pledging their Health to a Better Living at their club meeting each month!  Between playing 'Hula Hoop Twist' as an icebreaker, making homemade jump ropes (And having a competition at their meeting!), and playing 4-Square in the parking lot after the meeting, these 4-Her's really know how to have fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Support 4-H at BootBarn!

     Two new BootBarn stores are opening in Tarrant County on Thursday, November 5. ( There will be one in the Alliance area and one in the Arlington area. )
     The great news is that they are willing to make a donation to Tarrant County 4-H when the purchaser presents one of the attached flyers.
     If we have some youth who would like to set up a booth and distribute flyers to customers, that would increase sales (and the resulting donation). So, if you are interested, let Ms. Cindy know and we will provide the display items for you.
     Other ways that you can help would include sending the flyer and information to people you know…… And, of course, take the flyer with you if you plan to shop at BootBarn on November 5.

Monday, October 26, 2015

County Council Costume Extravaganza TONIGHT!!!

Hello, my lovely 4-Her's!

Tonight, the County Council officers would like to invite you to our October County Council Meeting!  This is a great meeting to invite friends to, because it is one of our most fun meetings of the fall!  Join us for costumed fun, games, an awesome presentation by one of our 4-H members, and more!
We invite everyone to wear a costume of any sort - homemade, store-bought, bed sheet, or otherwise!  Please nothing scary, inappropriate, or evil!!!  I will have a prize for anyone that shows up in a awesome costume!!!
Our meeting begins at 6:30 at the 5th floor of the Extension Building in Downtown Fort Worth.  I hope to see you there!

~Amanda :)
2015-2016 County Council President

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Meet the Tarrant County 2015-16 Officers!

Tarrant County 4-H Announces
County Officers

For Immediate Release………                                                                                  October 9, 2015


Amanda Roach - Tarrant County 4-H President.  Ms. Roach, a high school senior, is ecstatic to be serving her County as President!  In her 10+ years with 4-H, she has held numerous roles at the club level, including President and Secretary.  Her 4-H projects include Recreation, Leadership, Health, Food & Nutrition, and Clothing & Textiles.  In her free time, Ms. Roach enjoys crocheting and reading.  Her personal motto is ‘The Sky is the Limit.  Your Sky, Your Limit’.

Patton Maynard, Tarrant County 4-H Vice President.  Mr. Maynard, a high school senior has been a 4-H member for over eight years. Mr. Maynard has served his club in various leadership roles including:  Secretary/Treasurer, Reporter and County Delegate.  In addition, he has previously served at the county level as the Secretary/Treasurer.  His projects include Communication/ Expressive Arts and Rabbits.

Christopher Bolash, Tarrant County 4-H Secretary.  Mr. Bolash, a high school senior, is in his fourth year as a 4-Her.  His leadership roles have included Secretary and Vice President for his club.  His project interests revolve around Communication/Expressive Arts and Photography.  Currently employed part-time, Mr. Bolash is a dual-enrollment student at the local community college.  He credits his 4-H experiences for these opportunities.

Dalton York, Tarrant County District 4-H Delegate.  Mr. York, a high school senior, has been involved in 4-H most of his life.  His leadership roles include mentoring fellow 4-Hers with their pursuit of goal accomplishment in the lamb and goat show rings.  In addition, Mr. York has led numerous showmanship clinics in the areas of lamb and goat.  He also attained a personal goal by winning the Texas Junior Livestock Association (TJLA) All-Around Lamb Showman in 2014-2015.

Seth Chapman, Tarrant County Parliamentarian.  Mr. Chapman, in his fifth year with 4-H, is a high school junior.  In addition to his current county leadership role, he also holds the offices of President and Treasurer for two of his clubs.  Mr. Chapman has won various awards in his 4-H career.  His project interests include Natural Resources, Shooting Sports, and Personal Development in Finance.  

Kathryn Kozak, Tarrant County Reporter.  Ms. Kozak is in her eighth year with 4-H.  A high school senior, she has served as a Teen Assistant and Council Delegate for her club.  Her project interests include Horticulture and Shooting Sports.

Monday, September 28, 2015

September County Council Meeting

Hello, Tarrant County 4-Her's!

Tonight is our County Council Meeting!  We will have snacks, play a fun game, and get to watch a super cool program called "So You Think You Can Dance" led by Katie Womble!
The fun starts at 6:30 at the County Extension Office, and for the adult leaders in your club, the Adult Leader Association Meeting begins at 7:15.
Hope to see everyone there!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trinity Trash Bash, September 19, 8 – 11 AM, Party After!

The Trinity Trash Bash is a great way to meet people in your club and other clubs while having fun AND getting in some community service time.  What could be better?  T-Shirt orders are due September 6th, and they are FREE!  Your club will turn in an order as a club, so be sure to tell your club manager or Trash Bash coordinator ASAP if you will be there.  Lunch will be provided for all workers at the Party, plus door prizes, freebies, games, and music from KISS FM.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

County Council Officers invite YOU to our first meeting!

Hello, everybody!

My name is Amanda Roach and I am the 2015-2016 Tarrant County 4-H Council President.  The County Council officers and I would like to invite you each to join us tomorrow night (Monday) at the County Extension Building in Downtown Fort Worth at 6:30 PM.
We will provide snacks, play a really fun game, and even have a mock Food Challenge competition, courtesy of the Groovy Gourmets Food Challenge team.
This is a great way to get involved at the County Level and be informed of all 4-H has to offer.  All 4-Her's are encouraged to attend, and we are sure to have a great time tomorrow night!
Hope to see everybody there!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"4-H is so Much More!" - Christopher B.

One of my club members recently shared his 4-H testimony with me:

"One of the things we learn in 4H is photography.  I have been into photography since 2011. I didn't know much about photography over the years but I wanted to learn more this past year.  So I looked into 4H and what they have to offer. I found books that the county office can lend out and I started from there. I decided to start a photography project through my 4H Club. I led 3 classes teaching the basics of photography such as the Rule of Thirds, shadows and sharpness.  Also, I found out that 4H holds club, county, district and state contests where you can win awards and prizes.  So 4H isn't all about livestock, it offers so much more like it offered photography to me. 

So get out there and find your interests in 4H!"

4-H has a lot to offer to anyone, no matter what your interests are!  Get involved and find your 'thing'!

Have a 4-H testimony to share?  Send it to me and it might get featured on the Blog!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

County Council Meeting, Graduating Senior Night, Elections, oh my!

Hello, everyone!

Tonight is the last County Council meeting of the year, which means it is Graduating Senior night and Elections!  Be sure to come and check out what our Seniors have been up to and vote for our upcoming Council officers
We have an ALA meeting tonight, as well, so we'll all be as busy as bees!  The fun starts at 6:30 at the Downtown Extension Building.

Hope to see everyone there!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trouble in Gotham City? Not for our Brave 4-H Superheroes!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's a Four Leaf Clover, Batman!

Late at night on April 24th, the County Extension Office was attacked by the evil Villain Lokina...luckily, Tarrant County 4-Her's stepped in to take her down!
Lokina's cousin Thoretta sent in a huge storm, and after the heroes waited the worst of it out in the basement, it was an all out battle of Good vs. Evil for the fate of 4-H!
With heroic feats of dashing to change into their secret identities, signalling other heroes with Bat-Signals, and helping to put Captain America's shield back together, the heroes overtook the forces of evil, and everyone shared some delicious desserts.
All is well in Tarrant County...for now!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Four Leaf Clover, Batman!  It's a Bird...it's a Plane...it's the SPRING FLING!

For everyone wanting to be a part of a 'Super' fun social event this weekend, have I got a night for you!  Our annual Spring Fling is this Friday night!
Bat-Time: 7-9 PM
Bat-Channel: The Downtown Extension Office, 5th floor

Bring your capes, masks, and armor, but leave the Kryptonite at home!
There will be a dessert contest (The more creative the better; think Thor's Hammer cake pops or Incredible Edible Hulk cupcakes!) and a costume contest, so be sure to dress up!

Bring friends and a snack to share and it's sure to be an 'Incredible', 'Amazing', and 'Super' night!

Bam, Pow, Kablam,

Monday, April 6, 2015

4th H for Health - Yummy Snacks!

Is your club participating in 4th H for Health?  I sure hope so!  4th H for Health is a fantastic challenge spreading in Tarrant County right now!  It encourages our 4-H youth (And adults!) to Drink Right, Move More, and Snack Smart!
It's an easy challenge that can be completed in as few as 8 meetings! (Club Meetings, Project Meetings, County Council meetings, etc.)
Here's a link to information about the project as well as a Health Tracker: https://www.edreach2.info/documents/137/4th_H_for_Health_Challenge_Overview_and_Tracker_Jan2015.pdf
As soon as you check off all 16 requirements, turn your form in to the County Office!  Everyone who completes the challenge will get a cool prize!

For now, here's some delicious (And nutritious!) snack ideas that you can start offering at club meetings to get your club a head start!

-Chocolate Covered Strawberries
-Orange Slices
-Ants on a Log
-Frozen Grapes
-Cucumber Slices
-Frozen Yogurt
-Fruit Smoothies
-Detox/Fruit Infused Water
-Apple Slices
-Cheese Cubes
-Deviled Eggs
-Banana Bread

And there's tons more you could make!  Be sure to have your club stay active at least 15 minutes each meeting, as well, to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and GET HEALTHY!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fun Project for Clover Kids!

Do your meetings have a bunch of Clover Kids that tend to get a bit bored as the business part of the meeting goes on?  Then I have the project for you!
This is a super easy project I found on Pinterest that would be great to keep Clovers occupied during a meeting!

Green Construction Paper
Markers, glitter, buttons, etc. (Optional)

1. Cut green pieces of paper into 1"x11" strips.  You will need five per project.
2. Fold pieces in half (You should now have a 1"x5 1/2" folded over piece.) and crease well.
3. Bend the two ends around to make a heart (Hard to explain, but looking at the picture should help) and staple it together.
4. Repeat step 3 four times.
5. Begin stapling your hearts together to make a clover, but leave the bottom two unattached from each other (Again, the picture helps)
6. Create your stem by taking your last strip of paper, and folding each end over by 5 inches, crease well (So you will see three "Sections" on your strip - 5", 1", 5")
7. Staple the stem between the bottom two leaves.

And there you have it!  A super fun project your kids will all enjoy!
If you find your meeting takes longer than these take to make, you can have the kids decorate the strips with their name, their favorite 4-H projects, or anything else they'd like!
This project is awesome because it teaches kids to measure things out, scissor safety, and to use a stapler!  (Be sure to help the young ones, though!)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Walk Across Texas - Going Strong!

Walk Across Texas is an 8-Week challenge to get youth and adults up and walking the entire distance of Texas - 830 Miles!

We have 10 Teams completing the challenge in our county, for a total of approximately 80 Youth and Adults.

The program also promotes healthy eating, staying hydrated, proper hygiene, and learning about Health!

If you are interested in finding out more about this challenge or other Healthy Lifestyles projects Tarrant County is participating in, please e-mail tarrantyouthcouncil@gmail.com .  I'd be more than happy to help your club become the healthiest it can be!

So cheer on your clubmates or other teams in the county...it's a big challenge, but more than worth it!


Monday, February 16, 2015

2014-2015 Tarrant County Officers and Ambassadors

Tarrant County 4-H Announces
County Officers & Ambassador Team

Samantha Mares - Tarrant County 4-H President and Tarrant County Ambassador.  Ms. Mares, an Arlington resident and high school senior, has been part of 4-H for six years.  Currently serving as Secretary at the club-level, she also participates on the Tarrant County Youth Council Board, and serves on the Board of Advisors for the Tedx Youth at Fort Worth project.  A recipient of the Danforth 4-H award, Ms. Mares’ projects include Wildlife Conservation and Public Speaking.  She plans to major in Wildlife and Fisheries and minor in Agricultural Communications at Texas A&M University.

Katie Womble - Tarrant County 4-H Vice President and Tarrant County Ambassador.  Ms. Womble, a high school junior and a resident of Keller, has been a 4-H member for seven years.  Currently serving as 2nd Vice President at the club-level, she has held numerous other officer roles through the years.  While Ms. Womble’s leadership activities consume a great deal of time, her other interests include Clothing and Textiles.  However, her real passion lies in the Communication/Expressive Arts where she hopes to pursue a career.

Amanda Roach - Tarrant County 4-H Secretary.  In her 10+ year 4-H career, Ms. Roach, a high school junior, has held various 4-H leadership roles at both the club level and the Tarrant County level.  Ms. Roach, a North Richland Hills resident, received the 2014 4-H Gold Star award and won Grand Champion in the Sewing Division at 2014 Tarrant County Junior Livestock Show.  While involved in many projects, her main projects are Health and Leadership.  Her dream profession is to become a voice-over actress for films or television.

Patton Maynard, Tarrant County District 4-H Delegate.  Mr. Maynard, a high school junior and member of the National Junior Honor Society, currently serves as President of his local club.  A Fort Worth resident and a 4-H member for eight years, Mr. Maynard has served his club in various leadership roles including:  Secretary/Treasurer, Reporter and County Delegate.  In addition, he has previously served at the county level as the Secretary/Treasurer.  His projects include Communication/Expressive Arts and Rabbits.

Katy Bell, Tarrant County Reporter.  Ms. Bell, a high school senior, has been a 4-H member for five years.  She is a resident of Fort Worth.  Her leadership roles at the club-level have included 1st Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Council Delegate.  Her projects include Leadership and Food & Nutrition, where she has won numerous awards in the Cake Decorating category.  Ms. Bell plans to attend Tarleton State University next fall with an eye toward receiving her teaching degree.

Brandon DensonTarrant County 4-H Ambassador.  Mr. Denson, an Eagle Scout and recent high school graduate, is a resident of Fort Worth and has been a 4-H member for five years.  His leadership roles have included various officer roles within his local club:  1st Vice President, 3rd Vice President, and Teen Assistant.  Mr. Denson’s interests include Horticulture and Public Speaking.  He is currently pursuing an Associates of Business Management.  Mr. Denson plans to join the U.S. Marine Corps in the near future.

Lauren HamiltonTarrant County 4-H Ambassador.  Ms. Hamilton, a high school junior residing in Arlington, has been a 4-H member for five years.  Currently serving as Treasurer of her club, she has held numerous other leadership roles through the years.  In addition to her interest in the Clothing and Textile project, Ms. Hamilton self-leads a project in Photography where she has won numerous awards at the local, district and state levels.  She plans to complete her Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Psychology.