Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eco-Bot Challenge

Several clubs in Tarrant County celebrated National Youth Science day by conducting an Eco-bot challenge! 
An Eco-bot is a tiny robot made from a small motor, a watch battery, tape, and a toothbrush head.  The watch battery and motor are taped onto the toothbrush, which causes it to vibrate and move forward, backward, or (In the case of my Eco-bot, 'Bill',) in circles!
The challenge was to 'Program' your Eco-bot to clean birdseed off of a piece of paper, which simulated an oil spill on a beach that was too dangerous for humans to clean.
My Eco-bot did incredibly well, cleaning up over 60% of the birdseed in two minutes.  We all had a great time.  Above is a video made by Gage Milton from Countryside 4-H, showing how he and his fellow 4-Her's created the Eco-bots and tested them. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Trinity Trash Bash

On Saturday, September 15th 3,000 volunteers showed up bright and early to give back to the community by cleaning up the Fort Worth section of the Trinity River at the Trinity River Trash Bash.  This has been the largest turn-out in the event's 21 year history, beating last year's attendance by 1,000 volunteers!!!  In two short hours our hard working volunteers cleaned up over 9.5 TONS of trash!
Afterwards, volunteers headed over to the Panther Island Pavilion for an AWESOME afterparty hosted by Radio Disney!  There was food, games, booths, and most importantly, DOOR PRIZES!!!
Many 4-Her's participated, and we all had a blast at the Bash!  The afterparty was fun, as well!  Many prizes were given away, including gift cards, a beautiful quilt, and Fishing Poles (Two of which my family won!!!)
Hope to see you all there next year!!!