Monday, March 7, 2011

Last week I...

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven't updated in a bit, but look at the 4-H filled week I've had!
On Monday: I went to the County Council Meeting in Downtown Fort Worth, which was a ton of fun!
On Tuesday: After my mom wrapped up her 4-H Junior Master Gardener lesson, my family took off to On the Border, where I ate tacos and saw 4-Her's all over the place!
On Wednesday: One of my friends and I finished the script for our skit for the up coming Share-the-Fun Talent show.
On Thursday: I began to think of my outfit for the up coming 4-H Dance
On Friday: I went to a class on cake decorating, which I think will help me when I go to upcoming Food Competitions.
So even if I don't update this blog for a little while, there's still tons of 4-H stuff to be done! 

Talk to Ya'll Later,