Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eco-Bot Challenge

Several clubs in Tarrant County celebrated National Youth Science day by conducting an Eco-bot challenge! 
An Eco-bot is a tiny robot made from a small motor, a watch battery, tape, and a toothbrush head.  The watch battery and motor are taped onto the toothbrush, which causes it to vibrate and move forward, backward, or (In the case of my Eco-bot, 'Bill',) in circles!
The challenge was to 'Program' your Eco-bot to clean birdseed off of a piece of paper, which simulated an oil spill on a beach that was too dangerous for humans to clean.
My Eco-bot did incredibly well, cleaning up over 60% of the birdseed in two minutes.  We all had a great time.  Above is a video made by Gage Milton from Countryside 4-H, showing how he and his fellow 4-Her's created the Eco-bots and tested them.