Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Formal - Get your tickets now!!!

Calling all Senior Member 4-Her's!!!
Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines!

Today is the deadline to get your WINTER FORMAL tickets for only $5.  That includes a nice Italian dinner, dancing, and fun!
This is a prom-like event, so please dress to the occasion.  Also, dates are OPTIONAL, and you can invite non-4-Her friends to come, as well.
Please e-mail your RSVP to with your name/guests name TODAY to get tickets for $5.  After that, Ticket prices go up to $20, so get them while they're less expensive!
The deadline to RSVP is THIS MONDAY, and we only have 10 spots available!
Hope everyone can come!!!

Photo: Hey, Senior 4-Her's!  Who's excited for the Winter Formal on January 31st?
If you plan on coming, will you reply to this status?  (And if you're bringing a non-4Her guest, will you post their name, as well? (Just make sure that they are in the 14-18 age range))
Here's a picture of our incredible tickets Ms. Cindy made us!  If you need one, please message me and we can work out a way for you to get them ({Voyagers, I'm bringing them to the meeting today}, and I also plan to bring them to the {County Council Meeting}, but if you live nearby me, you can come by {my house or I can come by yours} to drop them off)
Let me know!