Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fun Project for Clover Kids!

Do your meetings have a bunch of Clover Kids that tend to get a bit bored as the business part of the meeting goes on?  Then I have the project for you!
This is a super easy project I found on Pinterest that would be great to keep Clovers occupied during a meeting!

Green Construction Paper
Markers, glitter, buttons, etc. (Optional)

1. Cut green pieces of paper into 1"x11" strips.  You will need five per project.
2. Fold pieces in half (You should now have a 1"x5 1/2" folded over piece.) and crease well.
3. Bend the two ends around to make a heart (Hard to explain, but looking at the picture should help) and staple it together.
4. Repeat step 3 four times.
5. Begin stapling your hearts together to make a clover, but leave the bottom two unattached from each other (Again, the picture helps)
6. Create your stem by taking your last strip of paper, and folding each end over by 5 inches, crease well (So you will see three "Sections" on your strip - 5", 1", 5")
7. Staple the stem between the bottom two leaves.

And there you have it!  A super fun project your kids will all enjoy!
If you find your meeting takes longer than these take to make, you can have the kids decorate the strips with their name, their favorite 4-H projects, or anything else they'd like!
This project is awesome because it teaches kids to measure things out, scissor safety, and to use a stapler!  (Be sure to help the young ones, though!)

Have a great week!