Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"4-H is so Much More!" - Christopher B.

One of my club members recently shared his 4-H testimony with me:

"One of the things we learn in 4H is photography.  I have been into photography since 2011. I didn't know much about photography over the years but I wanted to learn more this past year.  So I looked into 4H and what they have to offer. I found books that the county office can lend out and I started from there. I decided to start a photography project through my 4H Club. I led 3 classes teaching the basics of photography such as the Rule of Thirds, shadows and sharpness.  Also, I found out that 4H holds club, county, district and state contests where you can win awards and prizes.  So 4H isn't all about livestock, it offers so much more like it offered photography to me. 

So get out there and find your interests in 4H!"

4-H has a lot to offer to anyone, no matter what your interests are!  Get involved and find your 'thing'!

Have a 4-H testimony to share?  Send it to me and it might get featured on the Blog!