Saturday, October 10, 2015

Meet the Tarrant County 2015-16 Officers!

Tarrant County 4-H Announces
County Officers

For Immediate Release………                                                                                  October 9, 2015


Amanda Roach - Tarrant County 4-H President.  Ms. Roach, a high school senior, is ecstatic to be serving her County as President!  In her 10+ years with 4-H, she has held numerous roles at the club level, including President and Secretary.  Her 4-H projects include Recreation, Leadership, Health, Food & Nutrition, and Clothing & Textiles.  In her free time, Ms. Roach enjoys crocheting and reading.  Her personal motto is ‘The Sky is the Limit.  Your Sky, Your Limit’.

Patton Maynard, Tarrant County 4-H Vice President.  Mr. Maynard, a high school senior has been a 4-H member for over eight years. Mr. Maynard has served his club in various leadership roles including:  Secretary/Treasurer, Reporter and County Delegate.  In addition, he has previously served at the county level as the Secretary/Treasurer.  His projects include Communication/ Expressive Arts and Rabbits.

Christopher Bolash, Tarrant County 4-H Secretary.  Mr. Bolash, a high school senior, is in his fourth year as a 4-Her.  His leadership roles have included Secretary and Vice President for his club.  His project interests revolve around Communication/Expressive Arts and Photography.  Currently employed part-time, Mr. Bolash is a dual-enrollment student at the local community college.  He credits his 4-H experiences for these opportunities.

Dalton York, Tarrant County District 4-H Delegate.  Mr. York, a high school senior, has been involved in 4-H most of his life.  His leadership roles include mentoring fellow 4-Hers with their pursuit of goal accomplishment in the lamb and goat show rings.  In addition, Mr. York has led numerous showmanship clinics in the areas of lamb and goat.  He also attained a personal goal by winning the Texas Junior Livestock Association (TJLA) All-Around Lamb Showman in 2014-2015.

Seth Chapman, Tarrant County Parliamentarian.  Mr. Chapman, in his fifth year with 4-H, is a high school junior.  In addition to his current county leadership role, he also holds the offices of President and Treasurer for two of his clubs.  Mr. Chapman has won various awards in his 4-H career.  His project interests include Natural Resources, Shooting Sports, and Personal Development in Finance.  

Kathryn Kozak, Tarrant County Reporter.  Ms. Kozak is in her eighth year with 4-H.  A high school senior, she has served as a Teen Assistant and Council Delegate for her club.  Her project interests include Horticulture and Shooting Sports.