Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Walk Across Texas Update!

Hello, everyone!  Walk Across Texas is currently going strong!  Here are our current statistics:
We have 4 clubs currently participating with over 20 members making an effort to improve their health.  
Of the miles I have received, since February 1st, 271.35 miles have been reported, totaling over 15,000 calories burned!  That 271 miles is just about the distance from El Paso (Farthest town west in Texas!) to Odessa (Not nearly as west!)  It would take about 4 hours to drive that far!
Great job, everyone!  Remember to continue sending me updates from your team, and feel free to join in at any time if your club has not started yet!
Your challenge for this week is, in addition to the 30 minutes of exercise a day, make an effort to drink 8 glasses (2 liters!) of water each day.  Doing this will help you to stay hydrated in this lovely February heat!
So what are you waiting for?  You have miles to go walk!